Youth Internship Program

Create Films Internship program focuses on supporting youth participation in community development work. Interns receive instruction on how to use the medium of film to generate solutions to common problems. In doing so, youth film teams are formed and through participatory management procedures, film team members research civic issues, storyboard the elements of the topic, write a script, schedule film shots, and edit. Then prior to YouTube submission or entry in a film competition, a public premier is convened to inform the final edit.

As Interns support film team operations, they also are responsible for teaching how the interplay of Fine Arts enhances quality film images. Moreover, Interns are charged with imparting respect and knowledge of diverse cultures and associated methods for artistic expression.

Create Films Internship Opportunities:
(1) Summer Film Class Teacher Assistant Mentorship;
(3) Summer Film Class Internship;
(1) Middle School Film Class Internship.
For more information contact us at

For more information contact us at