Youth Internship Program

Create Films: Paid Summer Camp Internship 2022

Location: Eastside Community Center – Billy Ray Shirley III Recording Studio
Application Deadline: February 23th
Internship type: Paid
Dates and times: Create Films  2022 Summer Camp Internship program meet Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday 1-5 pm, starting June 28 – Aug 4th.
Filmmaking Class Instruction: June 28 – July 21
Team independent post-production work: July 26th – August 4th
Interns will meet 15-minutes before and after class.
To Apply: Email your resume to

Position Summary:

Position Title:  Film Camp Intern
Reports To:    Lead Program Instructor

The Student Intern must have the ability to support peers from diverse cultural and ethnic backgrounds, exercising objectivity without bias. The ability to maintain professional behavior with peers, supervisors, and the community is vital. Strict confidentiality is a must. Displaying an interest in the process of film production is necessary for this position. The student must have the desire to research and explain community stories by accessing community resources in order to assist the film teams and project participants with script content. The Student Intern assists the Program Instructor with developing strategies to achieve film production goals and objectives. The Intern must demonstrate an interest and willingness to learn the process and follow through with routinely recording information to evaluate film team success and areas that could be improved upon.

Essential Job Functions:

  • Assists the Lead Instructor with developing strategies to achieve learning goals and objectives.
  • Provide culturally relevant support to program participants.                                                       
  • Must maintain strict confidentiality regarding program participants, their families, peers, and program instructors.
  • Maintains personal boundaries between self and participants served.
  • Independently explores community resources in order to provide participants with opportunities to strengthen their script content.
  • Routinely records information necessary to evaluate film team success and areas that could improve film content.
Working Conditions
  • Work is performed in various community settings IE: public schools, Boys & Girls Clubs
  • Work is performed under the direction and supervision of the Project Instructor
  • Work is primarily performed while sitting and standing
  • Work schedule is determined at the point of hire but is primarily 3-4 hour blocks of time on weekdays.
  • Must pass a Criminal Background check.
  • Must have access to reliable transportation
  • Must work as an integral part of a larger team, promoting a positive workplace and supporting peers from diverse cultural and ethnic backgrounds, exercising objectivity without bias.
  • Must be able to communicate effectively in writing and orally
  • Must Demonstrate an interest in program subjects including film production, dance, acting, scriptwriting and sound recording. Ability and interest to learn literature research, produce community stories, and access community resources to assist students with learning and reciting class content.

Create Films Internship program focuses on supporting youth participation in community development work. Interns receive instruction on how to use the medium of film to generate solutions to common problems. In doing so, youth film teams are formed and through participatory management procedures, film team members research civic issues, storyboard the elements of the topic, write a script, schedule film shots, and edit. Then prior to YouTube submission or entry in a film competition, a public premier is convened to inform the final edit.

As Interns support film team operations, they also are responsible for teaching how the interplay of Fine Arts enhances quality film images. Moreover, Interns are charged with imparting respect and knowledge of diverse cultures and associated methods for artistic expression.

Create Films Internship Opportunities:
(1) Summer Film Class Teacher Assistant Mentorship;
(3) Summer Film Class Internship;
(1) Middle School Film Class Internship.
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For more information contact us at