Middle School Film Class

Middle School Film Class

Class Cancel Due To COVID-19

Middle School Film Classes
Middle School Film Classes will focus on the study of quality films and
illustrative images assembled as a two-dimensional visual art form.
Emphasis on the discipline of Fine Arts will provide students a foundation to learn composition, color, and aesthetics. In addition, students will be introduced to acting, dancing, lighting, screenplay writing, and sound. Students will work in digital video and edit in Final Cut Pro. All necessary equipment will be provided by Create Films. Students may also use their own gear and software to complete assignments outside of class time.

2019-2020 Fall through Spring Schedule
Baker Middle School – Monday & Wednesday 3pm-4:45pm
Stewart Middle School – Tuesday & Thursday: 3pm-4:15pm

ATTENDANCE: Group process and collaboration are essential parts of this course. Attendance is a must!
For additional information contact:
Instructor Chhay Mam  info@createfilms.org.

After successful completion of this course, students will be able to:
  1. Create a digital short film project;
  2. Have a basic understanding of film pre-production, production, and post-production;
  3. Have basic knowledge of camera functions and Final Cut Pro X; 
  4. Have a basic knowledge of common terms in cinematic language.