2020 Summer Film Class

2020 Summer Film Class & Film Symposium

With restricted public access to film equipment, youth filmmakers were challenged to originate a set of short films. Create Films students learned to access opensource software and apply mobile devices. Through virtual access, students demonstrated collaboration, team support, and professional film production protocol. During a ZOOM symposium, students discuss the results of this capstone project in which they will share their filmmaking experience given limited resources.

Tacoma Art Month – Artist In Focus: Create Films Summer Program

Intermediate Film Class

Intermediate youth filmmakers will review the fundamental elements and procedures for creating a two-dimensional visual art form. In addition, students will be introduced to the primary film production disciplines of acting, light theory, color theory, video sound projection, storyboard, and screenplay writing. With reference to learning management skills as a Film Director or sponsor, students will plan and host an online film symposium.
Students will work in digital video and edit in Final Cut Pro or Back Magic DaVinci Resolve 16. All necessary equipment will be provided by Create Films. Students are also encouraged to use their own gears and software to complete assignments outside of class time.

Group process and collaboration are essential parts of this course. Online attendance is a must!

Film Class Syllabus:

Week 1 – Introduction and Planning Week 

  • August 11, Tuesday :
    • Class Overview & Group Discussion: Introduction to Intermediate Film Class & Symposium;
      1. Create Short Film using Mobile Device and Open Source software;
      2. Create a video on the process and tutorial video
        Video spec: 1080p 30fps or 24fps;
      3. Host and plan Free Online Film Symposium (Select a date and create advertisement materials).
    • Short Film: 2 Meters
    • W-9 Forms: Download
      Email it to info@createfilms.org or mail it to or drop it off at
      SHA: Create Films
      5435 S Bell St.
      Tacoma, WA 98408
    • Media Release Form:
      Minor (under 18): WordDoc or PDF
      Adult (over 18): WordDoc or PDF
    • Checkout policy and equipment:
    • Assign teams and projects;
    • Film Script: Create Google Doc and share it with group and instructor;
      Reminder: Font is Courier 12pt (All caps for character names)
    • Brain Storming Session – Google Docs
    • Create Google and share it with group and instructor
  • August 13th: Thursday 

Week 2: Audio, Colors, Composition and Pre-production

Week 3: Pre-Production and Production

Week 4 – Sept 1st: Production Week

Week 5 – Sept 8th: Post-Production

Week 6 – Sept 15: Finale

2020 Film Symposium